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Guangdong Yingchao ceramic limited company established at 2003, which specializes at producing and selling ceramic wall and floor tiles. Yingchao has luxury marketing center of 15000 square meters and production capacity of 666 thousands square meters, imported advanced equipments such as SQCMIT7200 tons press, ROTOCOLOR blanket cylinder painting machine, ink-jet printer and so on. We use high quality environmental raw materials, adopting international standardization management mode, and realize automatic production.


The high quality and environmental article products of Yingchao catch high attention of public polished porcelain tiles, glazed ceramic tiles, glazed porcelain tiles and so on. The products are widely used in landmark projects such as Beijing City Chinese Commerce Building, Shanghai City Chinese Academy of Science, Tianjin city Jinhai Garden, Zhuhai City Jinhong Road Commerce Plaza, Guangzhou Country Garden, etc.

Yingchao promptly made the management philosophy as “base on quality, build on honesty, bold in exploring, strive for excellence”. We apply ourselves to supply good quality products and sincere service to our customers with flawless system on products development, design, supply, manufacturing, selling, and service.


Yingchao will give back to society with high quality products, best service, efficient management and modern pattern, tasting life and chasing perfect.



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Product Base: No. 1 District B, Yunlong Ceramics Case, Heyun Town, Qingxin County, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province.

Company Address: Taobo Avenue, Huaxia Ceramics Expo City, Nanzhuang Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province.